ganesha in conversation

Mother gives herself for us, we are her children, she loves us as she loves the whole Universe, her creation, she´s us and she never worries or complains, she´s only love. So we must give everything for her, to keep her happy, though she neither needs or wants anything, she´s always joyful as she´s the beginning and the end, everything and nothing, she´s ever and never, she will always be.

Past doesn´t exist as you can only find it in your memory, a construction of your mind. Future, what can we say about the future, it´s only our preocupation, our worries, our unfulfilled desires, our plans, only the need of our ego to be, to have an existance of its own, its rush to have a present and continuance, to be projected. Both our past and future are psycological time, they only exist in our head, they are subjective and keep tangling in us, preventing us from actually enjoying the present moment, this very instant now and here, as we are busy in our past or future according to whether we are centered on our action or our emotions. The only possible real time which allows us to actually live in full, merging our action, our thought, our word, our feeling in a whole complete conscious self united to the whole universe without any kind of resistance or restraint, is the act without reaction, full of meaning, compelled by the creating force of the universe which is love, the only creating energy, always expanding, always creating from an inner force which is inocence, the whole material that pervades everywhere and knowledge, that old wisdom which is akin to inocence and that essencial principle and desire to create, which is love, a desinterested force for creation, desinterested in the sense that it doesn´t look for a recompense or an ulterior benefit. This is something difficult to understand nowadays because we feel isolated individuals, like islands, who can have a vague knowlege of other islands in a remote archipelago, with a slight collective idea, which doesn´t make much sense immersed in a materialistic world where a crematistic perspective contaminates all of our existance, our partial conciousness, our subconsciousness, our unawareness, should i say.

We can hardly envisage any kind of altruism, if we ever are generous or empathic or compassive, we think we are big shots, we don´t just enjoy it, we judge ourself killing all the natural joy in it. We are so inmersed in profitable, money exchanges, making any other kind of exchange suspicious, being suspicious because of all our fears, the ego´s fears for its own survival and then we are not free because we are fearing individuals, however we may think the opposite.

We are not innocent as we keep judging everythig all the time, because of this sometimes we don´t even feel the world around us as we are busy in the inner experience of our thoughts, we turn insensible and may be unaware of it. Instead of just contemplating every single experience in our existance, enjoying it without any further prejudice or thought which always goes along with some kind of feeling that keeps recorded in ourselves and asociated to the living experience for ever. Innocence is the previous caracteristic, esential to the pervading principle of creation. We have lost our innocence, as so many poets and philosophers have observed, in all our efforts to keep our egos alive, these egoes are the subproducts of ours minds, which we mistakenly take to be ourselves, in an era when we have killed all our gods, we are orphans and feel like orphans do, we have no origin, we don´t know where we do come from any more and we don´t know who we are as we only know we don´t know anything, which has stopped being a stimulus for inner search in a world where hedonism is all that matters, it all ends up in an eternal carpe diem.

We don´t dare to talk about death because we are afraid of it as we are too weak to face our own fears, to try to know who we are, where we are going, to find the answer to the meaning of our exintance, we seem to be contented with being at the level of materialism, any other kind of existance is systematicly denied in this globalized system which wants us all globalized and standarized, easily controlled, easy prays. We deny the existence of energy despite the quantic theory, despite old ancient philosophies telling us we are but energy, which cannot ever be distroyed, which only transforms itself, changing shape and quality, in perpetual evolution after a constant cause-effect principle which is another principle of the universe and accounts for karma, our present state is just our present state in evolution, don´t allow your ego to take control of yourself, your not your ego, that´s only the projection of your mind, the byproduct of your mind, your logical, rational being, the computer that allows you to manage all the information and information analysis, pattern creation, etc. You are greater than that, you are a spirit, you are eternal conciousness and joy, but in order to experience this you must be able to stop your mind, stop thinking, stop judging everything through your mind, stop your computer, you have to take the control, your innocence and your loving creature must take control now so you can get connected once again, connected to all human beings, to nature, to the universe in the collective consciousness that is true existance and collective evolution, we must all be ready for the next quantic jump in the collective evolution of our especies. We have to transcend materialism, our own bodies, this materia that belongs to mother earth, just a beautiful dress we borrow from her for this precious journey on her bosson and that must go back to her when our learning process in her school is over as we will be ready to continue our flight of transformation and evolution, we must leave that dense state of materia to travel lighter in the form of more subtle energies! We all have this mission, and it´s our responsability to find it in our precious lives.

The action and the actor are merged in one single perfect union blessed by the Universe when we don´t react to our responsible conscious actions any longer, when we can just let go, we are free from reaction, knowing that all we do is the result of a previous effect which in its turn becomes a cause and so on and on, free from reaction we are free, we are ourselves in harmony with everything that exists and will ever exist, we are eternal perfect consciousness and joy, we are love, the energy that pervades the whole universe!